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Missile Launcher

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Missile Launcher

Product Information
The USB Missile Launcher is the number 1 choice for anyone with a Y chromosome. The Missile Launcher is hours of fun. Simply load the software that comes with each order and a control panel appears on the screen which sets you on your way to annoying all your friends/ family and or colleagues. The Missile Launcher has a pivotal base for flexibility and directional control when pin pointing your helpless target. The Missile Launcher comes with 3 Missiles, so you are bound to hit your target. The control panel makes a launching sound when fired to give you victim the slightest chance to get away so you need to be stealth when attacking.

USB Missile Launcher Features :

1. Operating instructions included easy to install
2. Compatible with Windows 2000, XP
3. Batteries included
4: Fires 3 Foam Missiles

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Price: £23.48

Product Code: MIS7124
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