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Intel Core i3/i5/i7 4th Gen

Intel's 4th gen processor codename: Haswell offers superior performance over the previous generation Ivybridge by up to 10% clock for clock. This astounding performance boost results in performance improvements in multi-tasking, encoding, gaming and multithreaded applications. Intel's 4th generation processor has improved PCI-Lane 3.0 bandwidth which helps further boost performance of latest generation 3 graphics cards for the ultimate gaming experience.

Intel Core i3/i5/i7 4th Gen
Image Name Price  
Intel i3-4150 Intel i3-4150
Dual Core @3.5Ghz and a 3Mb Cache, LGA1150 As the first level of Intel's latest processor family, the 4th generatio…
Intel i5-4570 Intel i5-4570
Intel Core i5 4570 Quad Core Retail CPU (Socket 1150, 3.20GHz, 6MB, Haswell, 84W, Intel Graphics
Intel i5-4590 Intel i5-4590
Intel i5 4590 Quad Core CPU (3.30GHz, 6MB Cache, 84W, Graphics, Turbo Boost Technology, Socket 1150)
Intel i5-4690K Intel i5-4690K
Intel Core i5 i5-4690K Quad-core (4 Core) 3.50 GHz Processor - Socket H3 LGA-1150Retail Pack - 1 MB - 6 MB Cache - 5 GT/…
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