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Kapersky Internet Security 2017 3 User Box

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Kapersky Internet Security 2017 3 User Box

Product Information

Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 3 Device 1 Year FFP Product Description

Kaspersky Internet Security 2017

Premium Protection for Your PC, Mac & Mobile

- Keeps you safe from viruses, attacks, fraud, snoopers & more

- Helps protect your PC & Mac, plus Android phones & tablets

- Protects your privacy - blocks phishing, tracking and spying

- Adds an extra layer of security for online shopping & banking

- Makes it easy to protect kids - Parental Control on PC & Mac

- Lets devices keep performing - just as they're designed to

- Simplifies your security - giving you easy, online control

Protects against viruses, attacks, spyware, cybercrime & more
You depend on your computers, tablets and phones for so many things - so you need to protect them all against the very latest digital dangers.

Our award-winning, cloud-assisted security helps you protect against infections & attacks, blocks banners* & spam, keeps your software up-to-date and warns you about dangerous websites - before you click on them.

Secures multiple devices - with just one license to buy
Your PCs, Mac computers and Android phones & tablets all help you get so much more out of your digital life - but every device you use could be compromising your security… so you need to secure them all.
With just one product - and only one license for you to buy - we help you to protect all of your devices… plus you can lock, wipe & locate your phone & tablet if they're lost or stolen.

Helps protect against phishing, spying & online behavior tracking
Because all your devices are capable of storing a lot of sensitive, personal information - that can be valuable to criminals - you need to make sure snoopers and phishers can't steal your confidential data.
We'll help you guard your personal data, prevent your online activities being monitored**, block unauthorized use of your webcam** and protect your data when you connect to a public network*.

Adds extra security when you're online shopping or banking
Online shopping and banking can save you a lot of time and effort - but fraudsters are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to steal money.
Our unique security technology - Safe Money - helps you to protect your money and your account details… so you can prevent cybercriminals stealing them.**

Helps you protect kids against online dangers & more
The Internet can be a dangerous place for children - so you need to protect your kids from digital dangers and help them avoid social networking risks.
Our Parental Control features help you to steer your kids away from online risks, block inappropriate content & websites and manage your kids' messaging on social networks.**

Lets your devices perform as they were designed to
Security shouldn't slow you down. You need rigorous security that works 'behind the scenes'… protecting your devices - without damaging performance.
Our development team has worked hard - combining protection and performance - to ensure your computers, phones and tablets don't have to work so hard… so you're safe to get on with your busy life.

Simplifies your security - giving you easy, online control
Nobody wants to waste time getting to grips with complex security. If your security software is difficult to set up and run, it could even leave your computers and mobile devices with serious security gaps.

*Available on PCs only.
**Available on PCs & Mac computers only.

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Price: £28.99

Product Code: KAPK83
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